NNPWE through its over 14 years’ path it has tried to contribute to the efforts of national and global nations and organizations. Through doing for contribution to the goals set, NNPWE has exhibited the following major changes in its intervention localities;
  • Over 2500 children born free of HIV.
  • Over 2000 women are engaged in their own IGAs.
  • In 2018 in collaboration with LIPs 4806 women participated in VSLA and they started saving and small business.
  • Over 315 female, 315 religious leaders and 105 male peer supporters/volunteers trained and deployed in the community.
  • 100 youth PLHIV has a monthly discussion on life skill, Adherence, ART, treatment and positive living in Addis Ababa.
  • With 19 donors Over 27 projects were implemented to benefit over 18 PLHIV associations.
  • 5000 women live with HIV trained in Gender and GBV.
  • In 2018, 30 WLHIV got startup capital (31,000 ETB) in Jimma zone (Kersa and Tero Afeta woreda) and they start a small business and weekly save some amount of money.
  • Capacity assessment of 25 WLHIV Associations was done and we filled the Association in material like Computer, printer, shelf, and Leadership training.
  • Through FHAPCO and Nep+, our 15 WLHIV Associations currently implement treatment adherence project of Global fund for three years.
  • Different messages like HIV and GBV radio and TV spots addressed for the whole community in different years.


Through its over 14 years’ experience, NNPWE has come across so many challenges that emanate both from the inside and outside of the organization. The major challenges from inside include;

  • Limited of technical capacity among association leaders.
  • Limited of offices for work.
  • Limited capacity of NNPWE.
  • Disbanding PLHIV associations due to incapability to cover their running costWhereas the external challenges emanate from the following areas. These include;
  • Limited support to local NGOs specifically to PLHIV association.
  • Limited calls for proposal for HIV Projects.
  • Though competition despite their limited capacity.
  • Shortage of donor.
  • The issue of HIV was missing in government.
  • The problem of Violence against women and girls live with HIV.


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